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7 Inspiring Backyard Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

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backyard wedding ideas

You can steal some gorgeous and elegant backyard wedding ideas that can be both memorable and budget-friendly. What you won’t like from such a wedding, anyway? It is intimate. It is warm. It is inviting. And it is inexpensive, thanks to the free venue.

Sure, you need to find a way to decorate and spark the backyard, but then again, it is worth the efforts. You don’t necessarily focus on the rustic theme. You can have modern theme or even vintage theme – it is up to you. What if you want to combine different themes together? Be my guest! It’s your wedding, anyway!

Stage Is Crucial

entertainment stage

When you plan a backyard wedding, be sure to have an entertainment stage, especially if you are planning on dancing or singing or simply boogying-down the floor. If your backyard has a solid flooring from concrete or such thing alike, use that particular area for the stage.

But if you don’t (your garden mostly consists of grass), then you should have the stage. Having a stage is fun and you can protect your guests (especially the females wearing high heels) from falling or stumbling. What about the size of the stage? It is up to you, really. Just be sure that the stage is level and smooth and it isn’t too high from the ground.

The Cozy Lounge

Cozy Lounge

Among the many simple and yet functional and gorgeous backyard wedding ideas, creating your own cozy lounge is definitely a must. When you try to entertain your guests, you should create a seating spot where they can sit, relax, chat, joke, and simply have fun in the most personal and intimate way.

Creating your own personal lounge doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Gather around the seats you have (bench, sofa, sectional, chair, bean bags, etc) and cover them in colorful but soft fabrics. If you want it to be elegant and classy, choose one color theme with a bit of accents. It would make it pop and appealing.

Open Cabana

open cabana

The open cabana can be an ideal way to entertain your guests in the simplest and yet most elegant and gorgeous way. Build the oversized cabanas so the outdoor space can be broken up – it helps with the sections and spaces for each activity.

To create romantic and dreamy effect, you can hang the draped curtains and then surround it with the candle-lit lanterns and hanging potted plants. You can create a very attractive cabana that looks as elegant and expensive as the ones found on venues!

Long Table Center

Long Table

The long table can be an ideal option if you want to have a more intimate and personal gathering. Sure, you can also choose the separated tables but if you want everyone to gather around, then the long table center can be an option.

Doesn’t seem like a good option for you? Why not having (rather) long tables within separated manner? So there would be several long tables here and there for different groups of people.

Want to have a more exciting arrangement? Decorate each table in a different style – it would be one of the best backyard wedding ideas to implement!

Rustic Bar

rustic bar

This is another cool backyard wedding ideas that you can try for your special day. Guests LOVE it when they can gain a direct access to the bar. A rustic bar right in the middle of the backyard would be amazing! No need to have too much liquor.

Unique Souvenirs

Unique Souvenirs

There is no need to have complicated or expensive souvenirs. Making your own or buying the inexpensive stuff should be enough. For instance, you can have the mini pots (with the plants or flowers, of course!) for the guests.

Not only it is environmentally friendly, but it can also be used for your own garden. Or you love crochet stuff and want to share it? You can have crocheted stuff for the souvenirs. The idea is: you can use anything you love or like or have with the special people in your life. And don’t forget about the display too.

You can have a special table dedicated for the souvenirs, so the guests can help themselves. With a blackboard next to the table, it looks simple and yet charming.

These are just ideas to make your backyard wedding more appealing and attractive. There are still more ideas to try, especially the ones related to the rustic and vintage look of backyard wedding ideas.


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