25+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

25+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

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Talking about modern barndominium design ideas, these things have become popular in the states. Besides allowing you to restore the previous storage barn, the design allows you to stay inside the building as well. On the other hand, it promotes sustainable living as part of the minimalist movement.

Many people consider the modern barndominium design or the barndominium design in general as an eco-friendly option yet budget smartly as well. Of course, there are various reasons why people take this lifestyle type as an appealing one. You will have an open spacious environment while you can arrange the exterior as you like.

Here we have 15 ideas that might inspire you. All you need to do is read this article thoroughly until the last word. Also, we provide some pictures too.

Compact House


The picture shows how you can live inside this compact yet outstanding barndominium. It will be a nice place for retreat and to escape from the crowded life in the city. Surrounded by trees, everyone would love to spend a few days to relax the mind in this place. The building features a vaulted ceiling made in a simplified way.

White House


If you are a fan of well-defined lines, this picture might catch your inspiration. Traditional barn never shows something authentic like this and you would love how simplicity helps you to find peace.

To bring in sunlight inside the house, rectangular glass windows will do their duty. The white exterior brings the impression of open, clean, and minimalist.

Barndominium with Basement


Some people need inspiration for the floor plan. If you also think about the floor plan, you should consider this thing. Having a basement is a great investment considering you can transform it into a home office, playroom, guest room, or entertainment room. The exterior is painted in soothing colors to bring a welcoming vibe.

Farmhouse-Inspired Barndominium

inspired barndominium

Living with a big family will require a big house as well. On the other hand, you should give this style a shot. The picture above looks like a barn and farmhouse at the same time. Later, you can make it as a grocery store, motel, or restaurant in the future.

Fabulous Living Room


So, let’s get into the interior space. A barndominium does not need to be old and dusty. You can inject some fabulousness inside. To represent the minimalist lifestyle the crisp lines have drawn it all.

Also, bringing in some greenery will soften the design and prevent the monotonous vibe. Neutral colors make the whole room feel spacious.

Glass Panels


As we have mentioned earlier, feel free to add a basement for your barndominium. The picture shows a great option to have a basement in a cozy yet captivating way. The simple lines do not have to be cramped and stiff.

The exterior sliding brings in the modern air. Also, you will get enough amount of sunlight while seeing the panoramic sight easily.

Alluring and Chic Interior


You can always have a barn-style interior in a modern barndominium. It feels homey, inviting and warm at the same time. This is all the wood that does the homework. The white chandelier just makes the room feels balanced and not weighed down with all-wood materials.

Tiny Cabin


This is another way you can transform your barn into something chic and wonderful. This tiny cabin would be an ideal place to hideaway from the crowded city life. Also, it resembles the vacation vibe.

The minimalist flavor is brutally shown through its glass wall, glass doors, and flat roof. Surrounded by green vegetation, this place is perfect harmony for the retreat.

Barndominium with Garage


You need a place to store your vehicles and you can also make a barn for a perfect garage near your home. It looks truly appealing for sure. Sidings made of corrugated metal gives a nice texture touch with industrial vibes everywhere. Natural light can get inside the building through its glass windows.

Greenhouse-Inspired Barndominium


This is such an interesting way to save on energy bills. Just like the picture above, you need to install plenty of glass panels. Besides letting natural light gets inside the house, you will get a stunning view from the inside.

Feel free to build an underground pool behind the building. Surrounding the house with grass is another way to bring the wow factor to the environment.

Renovated Kitchen in Barndominium


To get the modern look in the barndominium, you need to make the kitchen look modern as well. Refined rock is one of many features that should be in your kitchen. Granite is the most ravishing material in this class. Make sure you choose neutral colors to stay in the minimalist parameter.

Prefab Barn House


If building a barndominium from scratch is such a huge homework, you may try a prefabricated house after all. Purchasing pole barn kits will help you a lot to build a barn home. Later, you can transform it into an office.

Modern Bedroom in Barndominium


So, if you are a fan of modern architecture, you may want to have this bedroom in your barn home. The vaulted beams still look minimal along with its stream-lined wooden bed frame. Those glass panels just maintain the whole scene in the minimalist tone.

Prairie Living Room


Even though the prairie décor looks classic, the dwellers bring a modern twist to this picture. The white panels show the straight lines stunningly. Other than that, the wooden table is just trendy and eye-catching. The ceiling fan also brings charm in a fashionable way.

Contemporary Cabin


The modern style is shown through its asymmetrical look while the overall look is very stunning. A cozy house can be felt from out by looking to this building. To get an amazing view every day, you can add a balcony extension along with a big window. So, this is anything you need to know about modern barndominium design ideas.

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