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Top 25+ Baseboard Styles and Molding Ideas for Your Home

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Baseboard styles are one of the many ways to add style to your home. On the other hand, choosing the right one for each room could be a daunting task for every homeowner so they just leave it the same for the whole house. For your information, there are various styles of baseboards and moldings available on the market.

Other than choosing the baseboard styles and molding ideas, you should make sure that it fits your budget. Do not worry because affordable options are also available. All you need to do is read this article thoroughly so you know what to expect and choose later.

Plain Style


If you are looking for a simple style for the baseboard, the plain style might be what you need. Made of MDF boards, this style will fit into various profile patterns. On the other hand, you can paint the board or stain it as well. Paint is much cheaper and easy to apply considering MDF baseboard does not show any grain pattern.

Vinyl Style


MDF coated with vinyl is another popular style of baseboards. The board can be cut and mitered so you can set it up like other types of baseboards. This style also fits various profile types. It is also generally utilized in services and houses. Since the material is flexible, it suits various looks for a house especially for classic and vintage.

Wall Baseboard


Feel free to make experiments with your wall by using some accents of baseboards. The installation might be a bit challenging but it will be a lot of fun. However, you need to make sure that the size fits perfectly to your wall. The piece you see on the picture can also fit for windows, door trims, and others.

Baseboard Profiles


The picture shows various styles of baseboards you can try for the wall. Molding styles made of the MDF baseboard has one popular technique. The profile is installed and built on both sides. In general, there are three molding types such as the PRMD MDF molding, general-purpose, and base molding. Each type has a different installation technique.

Colonial Style


Another style is called colonial style because this is how you earn the colonial look. This style came from North America and there is no clear rule about the style considering all people make their version of colonial style. The vibe is vintage and elegant which will suit well to your dining room and living room.

Modern Molding Style


The design in the picture is inspired by the Cattle ranch house in the 50s or 60s. The looks give you a chill vibe with informal configuration. Also, it brings a modern look with its straight-forward streamlined shape. Back then in its era, this style is considered as a low budget baseboard option. However, this style has become one of many ways to reach the mid-century modern look nowadays.

Modern Baseboard Style


If your home is bringing in the vibe or modern or contemporary style, feel free to install this modern style of baseboards. The main key is that you should play with texture and motifs as you see in the picture. Modern does not mean that you cannot be stylish, right?

Apartment Baseboard Style


If you live in an apartment and want to give a baseboard touch, this one might suit you. The trim is slimmer than regular styles yet it also gives flexibility when it comes to the installation. This style is more functional considering any style of house can use the trim without dealing with the crown molding.

Mid-Height Baseboard Trim


If you want to get a classic look without overdoing it, this style might suit you. It will suit your dining room considering it has a wide range of trim height. The thickness is however at 5/8 inches. This style will give a chic and elegant vibe in your dining room but the price is varied after all.

Taller Baseboard Style


This baseboard will make your room look visually good especially if you expect some details in it. However, this one might be the most expensive one on the market but there are options for lower prices. You can use this style if you have a big space and high ceilings at home.

Wood Baseboard Trim


The baseboard trim looks good especially if you want to bring the warmth inside the room. However, you need a good budget to make it happen for sure. Wood, on the other hand, has a good quality in durability while it will not overdo the whole room. Wood will make the whole room looks good and the price range is varied. Incorporating wood baseboards will allow you to get a nice room without doing anything.

Modern Baseboard Combined with Other Trims


The picture above shows how beautiful the room will be if you combine one style with another. You need to find the perfect style that matches the element combination inside the room. Also, feel free to play with patterns and textures or be varied with colors as well. Incorporating several styles will bring your house together.

Farmhouse Baseboard


The farmhouse style is still in the air. This is why you should try this combination if you want to bring the rustic vibe without losing the chic look. This style will give an accent and statement to the whole house for sure.

Rustic Baseboard


This is how you use wood baseboard in the right place. This rustic style looks very elegant and firm for your house. Also, the look makes an accent statement to the whole material in the room. This style needs the touch or earth colors for the walls.

Dark Baseboard


The last name on the list of baseboard styles is the dark one. Combining dark baseboards with bright walls will make a nice look in the house. You can bring out the deep ambiance in the room and put a statement for the walls. If you are into monochrome colors, this style should be on your list.

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