7 Insanely Clever Gardening Ideas on Low Budget

7 Insanely Clever Gardening Ideas on Low Budget

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A lot of people always think that they need to spend a lot of money to maintain and care for their garden, but in reality, there are some clever gardening ideas on low budget that are worth trying.

With these ideas, you can focus on the aesthetic appeal of the garden without having to hurt your wallet. Moreover, it would be a great way to recycle and re-use old (and unused) items that can be great for the environment.

Unused Items for the Planters

The Planters

One of the biggest spending for gardening is the planters. To save up money, you can actually make use of old items that you no longer use. For instance, you can use old tires as a unique planter for the plants.

You can also transform an old trash can for a planter – just don’t forget to make holes on the bottom of the planter. Basically, if you are creative, you can turn everything to planters, even unused Mason jars. It depends on your creativity on how you can make use of these items.

DIY Compost and Fertilizers

Compost and Fertilizers

Making your own fertilizer is possible, especially if you have tons of unused organic materials and garbage. This is one of the best and also most clever gardening ideas on low budget that you can try for your garden. There are some perks that you can achieve from doing this.

First, you are doing Mother Earth a favor. You are saving the earth by reusing the compost. Second, you can save up money. Instead of buying fertilizers, you can easily make them.

Third, you can make use the unused items like eggshells or veggie compost to provide nutrients to the soil. You can also use baking soda for some certain plants so they can produce better outcome and more natural result.

Seed Swap

Seed Swap

Seed can be one of the costliest spending when it comes to maintaining and caring for your garden. If you want to save up money, why not having a seed swap instead? There are several benefits that you can gain from such an activity.

First of all, it is fun! You can really have a blast when you show up at a certain (gardening) event with your specialized kind of seeds and you have a barter trade with people you know. Second, it helps you save money. Tons of money! You can have your own seed collections without buying them.

Isn’t it great? Third, you can try different kinds of plants all through the year without spending a fortune. Not to mention that such an event is great as a social gathering.

Vertical Flower Bed

Vertical Flower

If you have limited space, why not having the vertical flower bed? The limited space doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own garden bed. Having a vertical bed is one of the clever gardening ideas on low budget that you can manage to save up space as well as creating interesting point in your garden.

Let’s say that you have already dedicated a piece of land for the plants and flowers. And then you dedicate a certain wall for the vertical bed. Imagine how cool it is! And such a vertical bed can be created and made into different models, sizes, and designs. Who says your garden doesn’t need a makeover?

PVC Pipe Drip

pvc pipe

You can always make use of the unused PVC pipe to make your own water source and irrigation management. You simply make holes on the pipe and then add soil so the holes would be buried inside the soil. As long as you keep the upper hole open, you can always water the soil easily – and in the most efficient manner.

Managing Weeds

Managing Weeds

Don’t forget that you should also pay attention to the weeds management. Maintain the cleaning regularly so it won’t create chaos on your garden. Maintaining regular care and check is better than having to deal with the entire cleaning.

However, you can try the easy way of using newspaper and water to prevent weeds from growing. Simply cover the open areas (the ones that don’t have the plants or flowers) with newspapers and wet them. This simple way would be enough to prevent the weeds. This is also one effective clever gardening ideas on low budget.

Photo Album for Seed Management

seed managment

If you don’t really have the space to manage your seeds and they are scattered here and there, why not using the photo album? You can always use the separated page for each seed so they are managed neatly and well.

It is even okay if you have different albums for different seed categories – it will make storage and category-division easier and better.

Those are some of the ideas that you can do to manage a clever garden management. With these clever gardening ideas on low budget, you can have beautiful yard without hurting your wallet.


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