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Top 23 Coffee Bar Ideas To Enjoy Your Coffee Time At Home

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A study says that consuming coffee a day can reduce the risk of 20% lower exposure to melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer. Besides, other efficacy for someone who likes to consume coffee will reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, which will be inversely proportional to people who rarely consume coffee will be 1.5 times greater risk of developing the disease.

With so many efficacies contained in coffee makes someone want to create their coffee bar ideas at home, without having to bother visiting a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Placing a coffee bar in one corner of the house becomes an interesting thing to discuss because the existence of a coffee bar will make the place a fatigue release after you work and after doing other activities. You and your family can joke and chat in this place to discuss something that happened today.

Besides, if your friends or business partners want to visit the house, then you can guarantee it to the maximum in the coffee bar that you have, really interesting right?

For coffee lovers, some of these coffee bar ideas will inspire you to present a relaxed and comfortable coffee place. At least, you already have a picture of what kind of design you will use later. Adding furniture, coffee tools, and other accessories will be a plus for you and those who see it. Immediately, see some coffee bar ideas below.

Industrial Pipe Theme For Coffee Bar Ideas

Pipe Theme

The use of pipes as supporting materials for shelves will make your coffee bar look different from the appearance of other coffee bar ideas that have a common and standard design. By its raw nature, this is one of the perfect designs to motivate your day.

Vintage Style For Your Coffee Bar


When viewed from its appearance, this coffee bar uses a modern style. However, a vintage-style table at a glance has changed its overall appearance. The picture shows that the table has an important role in designing your coffee bar because it can show the identity of the theme you will use.

Prominent Navy Blue


The main idea of making this type of coffee bar design is blue shelves and white mugs that are placed hanging. The contrast color of the rack has been combined with the color of the mug so that it will attract your attention and it also becomes a very good focal point in dealing with the similarity of colors that exist on the walls of your home.

Like a Coffee House

Coffee House

You who like to hang out in a coffee shop now no longer need to do it because you already have your coffee bar design that is similar to most coffee shops. Classic brick walls and their simple and neat placement merge into one. You can replace the blue table using another color that is different from the color elements of the items on the shelf.

The Rustic Cabinet For Coffee Bar Ideas


Creating a focal point by placing a rustic-style table will give you comfort and peace in having a cup of coffee in the morning. The use of a table in a coffee bar provides a very important role, especially if it has a uniqueness like this rural style.

Chalkboard As The Background Of The Coffee Bar Table


The problem that often arises when thinking of coffee bar ideas is the plain walls found in your home. If you just put the coffee machine away then it will look unappealing or just ordinary. To overcome this, you only need a chalkboard as the background. The goal is that the items that you will place in this area stand out.

Gray Wall with a Combination of Chalkboard


The chalkboard that hangs on the walls of your house that is gray and is located above the coffee bar table is something new that you should try to implement. Not only serves as decoration, but the chalkboard can also be useful for writing a plan or a quote so that your day is more motivated.

Perfect Design For Your Coffee Bar Idea


The design of the coffee bar above does not use too much color. However, various types of colored furniture such as tables, coffee tools, and wall decorations already represent it all. The resulting color pattern will spoil your eyes, so it’s not wrong if this one coffee bar ideas are said to be one of the designs with perfect detail.

All Easy To Use

Easy To Use

In this amazing picture, it is seen that the designer arranges the placement of coffee makers, cups and containers of coffee beans in such a way that they are very easy to find and reach. This design is perfect for those of you who have a lot of business and who like the process that is fast and practical.

The Black And White Theme For Coffee Bar Ideas

Black And White

Neutral colors like black and white give the impression of simplicity but still beautiful to the eye. In this picture, black and white are applied to almost all items in the coffee bar. It is recommended to use wooden ornaments and an ornamental plant so that the artistic value is more visible. If you only use black and white, the texture will be monotonous.

Blue Table At The Coffee Bar

Blue Table

A unique text or a piece of art that is hung is not the only way to increase the appeal of your coffee bar’s appearance. This unique blue table makes your coffee bar look more special than other coffee bars.

Movable Table Design


The best solution when you do not have a special area to be used as a coffee bar is to use a coffee train as shown in the picture. By using a table that can move will make it easier for you to move it wherever you want. For example when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while basking in the pleasant morning sun.

The Modern Classic Style

Modern Classic

Sophisticated coffee makers and modern stainless steel glass combined with classic-style tables, cabinets, and shelves produce a unique coffee bar. You will create a strong modern classic style accent if you use these coffee bar ideas.

Those were some coffee bar ideas that you can copy. Amazing results you can get by always paying attention to several factors such as the color of the walls, the use of mugs, ornaments and other accessories that color and shape according to the theme you will use.

More Coffee Bar Ideas

You do not need to stress with all the activities you have because you can calm down by enjoying a cup of coffee in your coffee bar. Enjoy it.


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