7 Insanely Deck Lighting Ideas for Brighter Backyard

7 Insanely Deck Lighting Ideas for Brighter Backyard

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Do you know that there are some deck lighting ideas that you can have at home if you want to light up the deck? Your deck, after all, is a part of your home. For some homeowners, the deck is their retreat from the world.

It is a place to wind up and do the things they love – concealed from the prying eyes. For others, it is the place to entertain guests. They can enjoy chatting, drinking tea, or snacking. It is also possible that they want to spend some times during the night outdoor, so knowing the proper lighting methods will be handy and good.

Linear Lighting

Linear Lighting

This is a simple lighting system that incorporates linear lighting – the lighting is running horizontally. The idea is to install lights on the bottom area of partition or barricade on the decks to create an appealing look.

You can achieve this by having frosted sandblasted Plexiglas installation with (linear) cold cathode lighting fixture. There is a riser that is painted white in order to deliver even light diffusion. Even though the cold cathode isn’t the LED, it has long life and it is energy-efficient.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

If you want light up the deck and yet you don’t want it to be bright or too much, then the recessed lighting can be your ideal option. For the lights, you have different installation management and arrangement. You can have hanging lights or the railing lights.

For the best recessed look, the post cap light can be the best option because it is able to deliver enough lighting and yet not too bright or too intrusive.

The soft effect can provide a soothing ambiance and somewhat peaceful effect that will make the deck inviting and warm. If you do it right, this is one of the most functional and also most appealing deck lighting ideas to try for your deck.

Under Rail (Deck) Light

Under Rail

This type of light is able to deliver warm and appealing look. The light is somewhat concealed under the rail and yet it is able to deliver good illumination.

Whether you choose the yellowish tone or the bright white tone, this type of lighting is enough to light up the deck in the simplest manner. If you want to have a bright illumination without hurting your eyes (from the too bright shine of the lamp), then placing the light under the rail would be a great idea.

Stairs Lighting

Stairs Lighting

If you have a rather high deck with stairs, the stairs lighting can be a great option. This type of lighting is usually combined with other types of lighting, such as rail lighting or post cap lighting. With this kind of light installation, you can install the light on the stairways – providing illumination to the stairs and not only on the deck.

Hanging Lights

hanging light

The hanging lights are another popular option for the deck lighting ideas. When you have poles on the deck, then the hanging lamps can be an ideal choice. It is also another good idea when you build the deck close to the trees. If you don’t want too bright lights, choose the yellowish warm tones so it can be warm and cozy.

This kind of lighting is also great when you often entertain guests because the coverage of the light is usually wide and big so the lighting should be enough to light up the deck area.

This is another popular lighting fixture that people like because you can choose whatever style you want. For instance, the regular lamps (like the ones at Christmas tree) are enough, but you can also choose lantern type or the glass-like style to create an even more pleasing effect.

Floor Lighting

Floor lighting

Installing the lamps on the floor is also possible. You choose the smaller bulbs that can be installed on the floor. White tones are great to create brighter coverage while yellow tone is more perfect for warmer ambiance.

You will have to spend extra efforts to create the slot for the light bulbs but the result can be super amazing and visually pleasing. Don’t forget about space management so you can install the light bulbs on the right spots. If you are able to do this correctly, you can manage the best deck lighting ideas that are managed on the floor.

Table Lighting

Table Lighting

This is the popular lighting option that isn’t limited to the indoor or outdoor setting. You can always use the table lighting for your deck area.

If you have to entertain guests at night or if you just want to spend some alone time outdoor (at night), this table light can be the right companion that will provide illumination to the darkness.

These are some of your options for the perfect deck lighting ideas that may suit your needs.


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