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13 Inspiring DIY Snowman Ideas To Welcome the Winter

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diy snowman ideas

When it comes to winter, you can’t just ignore how to search DIY snowman ideas to entertain your children and let them play with the snow. In this case, the snowman can perfectly dominate your snowy garden along with the decorations for your home.

If you feel like you are blank of the idea, never worry about it. There are a lot of fun and interesting ideas you are going to find in this page. Instead of purchasing the items, you can create them by yourself using the easy-to-use materials such as paper, plates and metals. Decorating your garden with the snowman crafts is about an easy-to-do job.

Here are the DIY snowman ideas you can have a look to inspire you to welcome the winter.

Olaf Sock Puppet

Sock Puppet

Is your child like reading Olaf story? Or he/she has never read it yet? Now you can introduce your child to Olaf story and like reading it by creating Olaf finger puppet. Made of a shock along with the wool, beads and cotton, this kind of puppet is very easy to make.

If you have some different size of socks, it would be more interesting since you can also create different size of puppet representing mom and dad as well as brother and sister in the family.

Here are the ways to make the puppet:

  • Prepares the materials including one bobby sock, 1 ½ cups of rice, 2 1-inch white pom pomps, a small piece of orange felt, large googly eyes, adhesive-backed black felt, 3 clear hair elastics, hot glue gun and glue and free printable Olaf features.
  • Firstly, fill the sock with the rice to shape the puppet’s bottom.
  • Secure the sock tightly above the rice using the clear hand band.
  • Pour the rice into the sock again to shape the puppet stomach and secondly, secure the sock using the hand band.
  • Again, pour the rice into the sock to shape the puppet head and secure using the hand band.
  • Use the hot glue to touch the bottom section and secure with the hot glue. Repeat the step to shape the stomach and the head.
  • Draw a pattern of the nose.
  • Glue the nose and eyes using the hit glues.
  • Add arms and feet using the pom poms.
  • Add the hair.

PVC Candle Cover

Candle Cover

The second idea of DIY snowman ideas is the PVC candle cover which very nice and suitable for Christmas time. This idea can be your little miss celebration set along with an attractive snowman cover that you can make for the candles.

Here are the ways to create the PVC candle cover you can try:

  • Prepare the PVC pipe for about 1 inch, hacksaw and coarse sanding block, electric candles, acrylic paints in white, black and orange, black felt, pink chalk, red satin ribbon, paint brush, permanent marker and the hot glue.
  • Out of the DIY snowman ideas, this one need a bit extra patient to make. Measure the electric candle to suit the pipe size. Cut the pipe using the hacksaw. Sand the cut ends using the coarse sanding black smoothly.
  • After that, paint the pipe using the white acrylic paint. After the paint dry, draw the face, eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth using a pencil.
  • Start painting the eyes, eyebrows and mouth using the black paint. The nose is bright if painted in orange and lined in black. Add the eyelashes using the marker.
  • Use the pink chalk to make the rosy cheeks.
  • Next, create the hat by cutting the black felt based on the size.
  • Locate the painted PVC snowman on the candle and line it up with the hot glue.
  • Decorate the hat as you like.

Salt Dough Snowman

Dough Snowman

Well, this is not the last of DIY snowman ideas you can try, however, this third idea will add the cuteness for your winter. This is the only snowman which very inexpensive to use as a clay and is very easy to create.

The materials you have to prepare are 2 cups all-purposes flour, 1 cup sat, ¾ cup of water and 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil. The steps to do are as follows:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and kneaded until the dough smooth.
  • Form into three balls like a snow ball.
  • Place the balls in a snowman shape and bake them in a 180 degree.
  • When they are hard enough, let them cool and glue the pieces.
  • Draw the features of eyes and mouth on the ball snowman shape using acrylic paint.
  • Let them dry.
  • Add small buttons and a toothpick as a nose.
  • Add the hats to the snowman using the suitable size of sock.
  • Add other decorations as you like.

More Images for Snowman Ideas

Upside Down Snowman

Texting Snowman

Shouting Snowman

Little Kid Snowman

Wheelbarrow Racing Snowman

Snoopy Snowman

Totoro Snowman


Bootwearing Snowman

Snowman Making Snow Angels

Cool Snowman


Hitchhiking  Snowman


In short, DIY snowman ideas can be found anywhere else like in this page to inspire you how to make the snowman by yourself. Have you been inspired now?


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