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7 Dorm Room Ideas for the Stylish and Functional Space

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Finding the right dorm room ideas can be a challenge. This is your room for the next several years ahead. It is your crib to study, sleep, rest, and have fun. Unfortunately, most dorm rooms are small. And it will get worse when you have to share the space with another person.

Sure, you may have tons of ideas – and you are probably thinking about buying new multifunctional furniture. But if you are rather low on the budgets, you can always think about some inexpensive decor ideas.

Above –the-Bed Storage

the-Bed Storage

In general, you may be given a specific wall section with a bed and a dresser (or a desk). It’s so easy to make your part of the room cramped and crowded, especially with your personal items that may add from time to time. If space is the main issue, why not making use the wall area above the bed?

Choose hanging racks or shelves or other types of storage containers that can be installed and placed above the bed. It will save up a lot of space and you won’t have to worry about the clutter and the pile of mess. You can have a floating rack too – whatever types of design is up to you. As long as they can be used to make use of the space above the bed.

Under-the-Bed Storage

bed storage

Whereas in the previous topic we are talking about storage compartments and containers above the bed, now we are talking about the area under the bed. Basically, you need to remember to make use all the available space within the (small and cramped) room.

If you can make use of the area above the bed, then you can surely make use of the area under the bed. You can put your items in boxes. If you want to make the process of sliding in and out easier, just add wheels. What about turning old drawers into handy containers?

Feel free to use them and add wheels too. This is one of the simplest and yet most functional dorm room ideas for better storage and items management.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Having multifunctional furniture is the most convenient way because you can save up space without compromising style. For instance, a lifted bed that can also function as a study desk and storage containers will seriously save up space.

Or a bed that can be tucked into the wall and be used as a place for study or sitting can help you manage a neater room layout. However, not everyone is able to afford such a thing because such a multifunctional piece can be quite costly. Only buy the multifunctional furniture if you can afford it.

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

The problem with the dorm is that you can’t really put the nails on the wall or you can’t change the color of the paint. The best option for attractive dorm room ideas is to use the temporary wall art such as wall decals. They are great to create different look without having to damage the wall. Removing them is also easy.

Want to have summer theme? Then change it to Halloween theme for autumn? Feel free to do so. After all, these wall decals are coming in various styles, designs, themes, and sizes so you can always change them whenever you want to. Plus, they aren’t costly either.

Creative Wall Art

Wall Art

Let’s face it; you don’t have much space in the room except for the space on the wall. If you are creative, make use of it. You can use wall-friendly materials that won’t damage the wall, such as washi tape (to make custom wall pattern art) or the clothesline (to hang your picture with the wooden clothespins).

If you are creative and you know what materials to use, you should be able to make the wall art without damaging the wall. You can also use hanging lamps (you know, the one you use to decorate the Christmas tree) to create interesting patterns on the wall. Just be creative!

Personalize Your Area

Your Area

Everyone has their own preference and personality, so make sure that you can make your area pop and screams, ”It’s so me!” Personalizing your area doesn’t have to be costly or pricey. You can use the inexpensive materials whose colors, patterns, and textures you love so much.

Don’t be scared about rearrange the things inside the room – you don’t break or damage them so it won’t be a problem. Placing the bed close to the window, moving the desk or dresser to a new arrangement, or using removable wallpaper can refresh the look. Personalizing your area is one of the best dorm room ideas.

Clutter-Free Management


Whatever you do, make sure that the space is free from clutter. Don’t leave your things around. Keep them stay hidden with storage or containers. Making your room clutter-free can make your space visually appealing.

Those are the simple things to do for your dorm. These are only some examples of the best dorm room ideas – feel free to find other ideas.


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