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7 Front Door Flower Pot Ideas for Appealing Look

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front door flower pot ideas?

What’s the importance of the front door flower pot ideas? The front side of your house will be your representative to the outside world. It’s the way your neighbors, the guests, and any passerby see you – and know a little bit of you.

For instance, if you have tons of copper elements on your front yard, they know that you have a special interest to copper. Or if you have plenty of butterfly ornaments, then they know that you are into butterflies.

So, when you want to decorate the front porch or patio with greeneries, there are actually several flower pots that you can make on your own so you can personalize your look – creating a unique look and making one-of-a-kind pots that can accommodate your favorite flowers. Don’t you love it when your guests are amazed by your front door pots?

Wooden Crate Pots

Crate Pots

Why not making use of the wooden crates for the unique look? You can always choose the small crates if your front porch is pretty small. But if your front porch is quite roomy and you have enough space for the crates, then you can have the wooden crate on the front door. It is a guarantee that your personalized pot will look great and unique.

If you are worried about the crate (the wood in general), you can plant the flowers on smaller pot(s) first (smaller than the crate) and then put the pot into the crate. This is one of the best front door flower pot ideas to make without having to spend a fortune.

Galvanized Metal Pot

Metal Pot

Galvanized metal is the most popular type because of the strength and the sturdiness. Having your favorite flowers and plants inside the galvanized metal pot can really create a different look. And the cool thing about this pot is that you can choose any shape of style that you want.

You can choose an unused milk canister or an unused metal box. If you have different flowers (in different shade of colors), then you deliver a totally unique look.

Rustic (Metal) Bucket Pots

Bucket Pots

If you have unused metal bucket, you can also create a personalized planter for the front door. This is one of the most inexpensive front door flower pot ideas that you can implement while making use of the old items around the house.

Here’s a tip to make the pot stand out and different: choose flowers or plants with bold and bright colors that would look ‘pop’ against the metal color. Red chrysanthemums or lavenders would be the perfect options, but you are free to choose anything that you like.

Flower Display Board Pot

Board Pot

If you have an old (wooden) board, you can personalize it by having some pots being attached to it. Having 3 pots being vertically arranged on the board can create a very unique and appealing look. You can strap the pots on the board or create a platform where you can place the pots on it.

You can simply lean the board against the wall. If you want to have a complete rustic and cozy feel, place an old (wagon) wheel next to the board. Your guests will compliment the look!

Personalized Tiered Pots

Tiered Pots

If you have flower pots in different sizes, you can stack them in tiered manner to create a fountain-like design. Place the biggest one on the bottom and the smallest one on the upper side. You can even paint them in attractive colors and have words on them – it would create a unique and personalized look.

Even if you don’t paint those pots, the tiered look is appealing and attractive. It would be interesting if you can plant different kinds of flowers on different levels.

Wicker Basket Pot

Basket Pot

Do you know that wicker basket can also be turned to attractive and natural pot? The basic concept is like the metal bucket or metal galvanized pot where you can have colorful flowers to create an amazing result.

Another great thing about the wicker basket is that it comes in various sizes and designs, so you are free to choose any basket that you want. Moreover, the baskets are inexpensive so you can have the personalized pots without hurting your bank.

Concrete Flower Pot

Flower Pot

Concrete pot may be heavy but it is long lasting. Although the pots may generally come in large sizes, you can choose the smaller (up to medium) ones. The concrete pots are generally used to accommodate bigger plants, such as fern types of plants.

However, if you are using the smaller pots, then you can choose the smaller flowers. Moreover, the concrete look will create a natural outlook to the overall décor of the property. If you want something simple and natural, then concrete pot would be the greatest option.

Those are just several creative ideas for the front porch, but the previous front door flower pot ideas can deliver such an appealing and homey feel to your home.


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