7 DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas that May Work for You

7 DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas that May Work for You

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A lot of homeowners are often confused about finding the perfect DIY garden bed and planter ideas. In reality, you don’t need to be overly confused or overwhelmed because there are actually tons of great ideas to try.

You just need to dedicate some extra efforts and time. No need to splurge a lot either and the result can be one-of-a-kind and breathtaking.

Two-Tier Garden Bed

Two-Tier garden

This raised garden isn’t only functional but has its own aesthetic appeal. With the two-tier designs, you can plant on both platforms. If you have taller plants, you can plant them on the upper side while the second one is dedicated for the smaller plants.

And since the bed is constructed in a rectangular form, you can make use of the four sides to plant the flowers or herbs. And you can actually make this bed quite easily because the construction is simple.

It can be a fun garden project – and you can make several of them for your garden without having to spend a fortune. If you are feeling crafty, color the boxes in different colors. Isn’t that neat?

Cedar Garden Box

Cedar Garden

The design is super simple and it is great when you have a wooden fence. You only need to create a rectangular shape and fill in the bed with soil. The main attraction of the cedar box is the natural look and flair.

The color is genuine and natural, and it looks great in any garden theme or design. This is one of the most popular and stylish DIY garden bed and planter ideas that you can try without breaking a sweat. You can even create several boxes without a fuss!

Benched Raised Beds

Raised Beds

If you have a pretty limited space in your garden and yet you want to plant some varieties, this is a possible (and doable) idea to try. This is a multifunctional yard and garden elements when you can combine a planting bed and the seats.

Naturally, you are free to create other things with such a combination. You will have to spend extra efforts and time to create such a design but trust me, it is going to worth it.

The concept is basically combining a planter bed on the center of the construction while the seats can be built on the sides. If you don’t want to use the bench as the seat, you can always make it a platform to place smaller potted plants.

Legged Raised Bed

Legged Raised

This can be ideal if you have limited space for the greeneries at home. Or if you live in an apartment, and yet you want to grow some herbs or plants of your own, this bed with legs can be a great option. The bed can be small or medium in size – no need to make a big one.

Attach the legs and you can arrange them easily! You can also move them around for better garden layout and management. As one of the most functional and handiest DIY garden bed and planter ideas, feel free to paint the beds to deliver a more modern look.

Enclosed Bed

Enclosed Bed

If you have kids or puppies or other pets that may ‘endanger’ your plants, having the enclosed bed can really help. Building such an enclosure may take longer time and extra efforts, but you will reward yourself with something unique and useful on the longer run.

The enclosed construction will protect the flowers and plants, and you can actually enjoy a slight rustic feel. Just make sure that you have enough space for the (smaller) plants and don’t forget to provide yourself enough space for standing, bending, or moving around.

Recycled Tires

Recycled Tires

Sometimes, having all garden beds can be visually boring. Why not alternate it with different kinds of planters? Of course, you need to make the planters on your own so you can save up money. The recycled tires, for instance, can be super handy.

You only need to fill them with soil and you won’t have to think about water regulation or drainage anymore. No need to make drain holes either. This is one of the best DIY garden bed and planter ideas to try. If you want to spark up things, paint those tires in colorful tones. Your garden won’t be boring anymore.

Picture Frame Planter

Frame Planter

Do you have empty space on the wall? Use the old and unused picture frames so you can have a variety of option. Not only you have the beds, you can also have your own unique planters.

Rest assured that you won’t find these items in your neighbors’ garden – well, unless they copy you. Who says you always need to spend a fortune to have yourself a unique and beautiful garden?

Those are just some ideas for your DIY garden works. With these DIY garden bed and planter ideas, you can improve the visual look of the garden without wasting a lot of money.


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