21 DIY Makeup Room Ideas With Design Inspiration, Organizer & Picture

21 DIY Makeup Room Ideas With Design Inspiration, Organizer & Picture

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In terms of collecting various types of makeup and beauty products from various brands often done by almost all women in the world. In addition to being an opiate, the hobby of makeup also opens up new opportunities in the highly profitable business field of being a makeup artist.

Being a make-up artist, of course, must be accompanied by mastery of makeup techniques that are not arbitrary, current, and adequate makeup equipment. Also, the use of a makeup desk and makeup room becomes one of the most important investments that you must have by preparing and paying attention to the neat and clean room layout. If you are looking for a stylish and cozy makeup room ideas, this will help you.

Designing a makeup room not only pays attention in terms of its function, but also must have its beauty and uniqueness so that you become passionate about dressing yourself. No matter how big the room you have right now because everything you design can be perfect.

Add a few accessories at a fairly cheap price that you can get at some of the closest shops, making you able to create a dressing room.

It is not difficult in designing the makeup room ideas, all can be applied to all home designs that are contemporary, modern and even traditional home designs. Combining colors and materials to be used into something also important.

There are several makeup room ideas that you can use as a reference. You only need to copy it and then apply it. It is hoped that this list will inspire you to create a new, bright and fresh makeup room.

Pinky’s Theme For The Makeup Room Idea


In general, women like the color pink. This color is very familiar and favorite to use because it can create a calming and comfortable effect. You can apply pink to your makeup room ideas by adding several cabinets and dressers of the same color.

This is good especially for those of you who choose a small room. For chairs, you can use this type of office chair to make it easier for you to move without having to move from your makeup chair.

Simple Makeup Room Design


Makeup room ideas this one can be applied to those of you who have a makeup room that is close to the bedroom. Choose simple accessories with a makeup table that has a single rack as a compliment. Then for the mirror, use a round shape with a frame that is not too large and can be hung on the wall. Seats the chair that has no backrest.

Hollywood Theme For Makeup Room


Surely you have ever watched a Hollywood film featuring a female actor dressing up in a makeup room. You can also make a style of makeup room like that by creating simplicity and effectiveness as the key. Make vanity white makeup without too much storage.

Place simple storage but has extra space to place your makeup. To make it look more attractive, you can combine contrasting patterns and colors because it will affect its beauty.

Cute Table For Makeup Room Ideas


This is a cute makeup vanity by blending 3 mirrors on the right and left. Shelves without doors can be a good choice for you because it will keep your room looking spacious. The use of purple, light brown and white on the carpet will add to the aesthetics of the room. In creating a cute makeup room try to use contrasting colors to manipulate the room that was small as if it were large and clear.

Huge Mirror For Makeup Room Design


To make the makeup room ideas bigger than the actual size, you can use this one design. By placing a large mirror with a large rack as a compliment and the selection of bright colors that stand out like the colors of gold, white and purple will provide the perfect and luxurious blend.

Unique Chairs And Wooden Tables For Makeup Room Ideas


Wooden furniture is often used to create classic space styles. Its multi-functional and not outdated nature will make your makeup room look simple and beautiful to look at.

You can combine these wooden tables and chairs using a material made of iron as the legs of his feet in brown or gold. The unique chair design as shown is the right choice for you because it does not block your view of other solid materials.

Elegant Makeup Room Ideas


The main idea in designing a makeup room is to create an atmosphere of elegance and simplicity. The more effective the furniture that you will use to fill the room, the better the results. The use of a lot of cabinets as shown in the picture is intended for neatness and easy to choose makeup tools according to their type.

The use of a square mirror that can be pulled out of the makeup table and chairs without a backrest and small size will add a perfect elegant look.

Rustic Makeup Room Design


Maybe this style of makeup room is still rarely used by most people. The rural style becomes something very interesting because of the material it uses.

The natural texture found on the wooden makeup vanity above makes the makeup room beautiful and cool. To make it more interesting, use varnish as the outer wood cover to make it look texture and shape.

Create Wonderful Makeup Room


This makeup room design picture is one of the best for lovers of purple. The most unique part of this design is the use of a lounger that is equivalent to the length of the makeup desk. This is one of the amazing tricks for creating a wonderful makeup room that looks bigger.

Feminine Makeup Room Design


The gentle nature of every woman makes them want to create something feminine in style. For those of you who feel you have these qualities, the makeup room ideas above are for you. The vanity makeup which has a medium size with an additional hanging cabinet can be used as a compliment.

The cabinet on the side of the table should try to have no door to make it easier for you to carry it and see your makeup supplies.

More Makeup Room Ideas

From the overall makeup room ideas above, hopefully, it will provide significant benefits for you. The point is to pay attention to the use of colors and materials that will be combined without ignoring the main functions of the makeup room. Make a work that is different from others for your convenience.


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