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17 Best Driveway Ideas to Improve The Appeal of Your House

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modern driveway ideas

Modern driveways will be perfect the most for modern houses. However, with a lot of design options available out there, creating a driveway that can improve the curb appeal of your home can be very tricky. Several popular modern driveway types such as brick pavers, asphalt, gravel, cobblestone, and concrete are applied in today’s high-end houses.

The types of modern driveways can also become one of the best ways to upgrade the entire design of the houses. Plus, driveways can also help you to increase the selling cost of your house in the market. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best modern driveways ideas you can consider for your home.

Modern Brick Circular Driveway with High-End Design


If you are looking for unusual driveway design for your modern house, this high-end brick circular driveway can be one of the best options you can take. The pavers used for the driveway are covered by a modern sealant. This is aimed to provide the driveway with adequate sunlight.

The design will be very helpful to increase your visibility during the darkest months of the year. There are several water fountains in which the drive will twist around. Additionally, the fountains are surrounded by a modern and lavish tropical garden.

This will provide you with fresh air and bring the driveway design to get closer to nature.There is also a sidewalk that will lead you to the front entryway of the house.

Minimalist Driveway


The design of this driveway will be perfect for you who love the minimalist style. The driveway will also be perfect the most with the minimalist design you choose for your house. The design of the driveway applies concrete material to cover the path.

Not only fit your house’s minimalist design, but the material used can also make the driveway more durable. There is also a little bit plantation that surrounds the driveway and makes it look green and fresh. Thus, the design will not only meet its functional purpose but also beautify your forecourt.

Modern Driveway with Asphalt and Concrete


Asphalt now is widely chosen by modern people to make their driveway. The material is not only simple and easy to set up but it also fasts. Additionally, asphalt is considered more economical if compared to other products used to make driveways.

If you take a look closer to the design of the driveway, you will find that it comes with asphalt that proceeds a concrete piece. The material looks so steady due to the asphalt material used. However, consider the location of your driveway first just before you decide to use the material for the design.

It will be better to avoid using asphalt if the location you choose gets a lot of snow falls during the winter. This is because the gravel is easy to lose. Additionally, you might need to reseal the asphalt every 3 or 5 years because of that.

Modern Curved Gravel Driveway


One of the best modern driveway ideas in the list that you can apply for your house is the one with a modern curved gravel design. The design looks so high-end that will catch attention from everyone pass through the path.

This driveway does not only come with a unique but functional curving tar and chip design but also completed with grassy island. The tar and chip used for the driveway are made of asphalt in liquid type and stone to ensure the durability of the design.

The absent of the tar and chip will make you need to spend a lot of money to maintain the driveway. This is because you might need to add another layer to the driveway after 7 or 10 years of usage without the two materials. Additionally, there is also a lovely garden that you can see around the garden. That makes the driveway not only look modern but also eco-green.

Paver Driveway at Modern Houses


One of the most popular materials used by modern people when creating their driveways is brick paver. The material will be perfect the most if your house comes with stucco architecture that mixed with stacked stone walls and pillars.

The brick paver driveway will also look more fabulous if the architecture of your house is completed with bark landscape lawn. This will create a stunning combination if mixed with the brick paver drive.

Not only attractive but the design of the driveway also improve the aesthetic appeal of the house’s exterior design. This will be one of the best ways to help you upgrade the design of your landscape.

Brick Driveway with Waterside Views

Waterside Views

Do you want to create a driveway design that will bring you to get closer to nature? Well, this brick driveway with waterside views can be one of the most ideal options to take. This slate tile driveway also comes with a remarkable design.

All of your guests will be stunned by the intriguing color mixes and irregularly cut stones used for the design. However, you need to be careful when installing the slate for the driveway since it can be quite slippery. This is also important to consider where you want to locate the driveway.

You might need to avoid using the design if your driveway will be built in the location with a lot of rain. This is also crucial to avoid using the slate for the design of the location of the driveway comes with sloping structure.

Modern Driveway with Terra Cotta Paver

Terra Cotta Paver

Who says that you can’t get modern driveway ideas by using terra cotta? This driveway design is just the prove. The design utilizes terra cotta paver that will create a perfect combination of the traditional and modern driveway. The material will help you to create a rustic but elegant look for the path.

However, if you want to get a more minimalist and clean look for the driveway, you can combine the terra cotta with other materials such as concrete or stones.

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