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7 Small Backyard Seating Area Ideas That Work Best

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No matter how much space you have outside your house for a patio, you could always start to find small backyard seating area ideas suiting your budget and likeness. The ideas will be so much beneficial as a place dinner party, barbeque or just a place to spend time with the whole family.

Now you have plenty of choice to help you find which seating area idea which is suitable for your small backyard. Will your choice work best in your space? The designs we are going to present in this article are the most widely used. Let’s check them all out now.

Hang In There

Hang in there

The first design called “hang in there” is very cute to look at as one of the widely used small backyard seating ideas. It is because the traditional hammocks and swing seats are the two eye-catching elements in the design.

Moreover, the hanging bubble chairs or cocoon seats will make your small backyard looks unique and feels comfortable. These kind of hanging chairs come with their own stands so that you don’t have to worry about not having the tall trees in the backyard.

Since the “hang in there” backyard idea is an open space, the cushions must be weatherproof. Thus, you can swing away and enjoy your time optimally.

Raising Wall Design

wall decor

Raising wall design is the second seating area idea you can consider for your backyard. This design will let you create anything you have to create a raised wall along with the seating. You can choose stone or wood to arrange as the seating. These two materials will support the natural view and style of your garden.

Adding some plants like parennials, ferns and bulb is good to make you feel like you are sitting within the plants. Thus, your small backyard seating area will be alive along with the nature.

Beat at One with Nature

Backyard Nature

Now if you want more natural seating area, the design of beat at one with nature is one of the small backyard seating area ideas you can opt well. This design will work out very well on your wild garden combined with your preference of rustic materials. Never worry to invite some of your friends to sit together on the African-style gazebos. If you add a roof, you can add lanterns to lighten the night

Capitalize A Corner

Capitalize A Corner

Do you have an empty corner of your garden? This way you can capitalize the corner to create a nice seating area completed by the plants around the sides so you will feel as if you were nestled into the space.

The plants you can choose can be Lonicera periclymenum, Rhubarb and Custard, Rosmarius officinalis, Sarcococca hookeriana and Lavandula as well as the grasses which show the movements of the plants.

To provide a comfort seating, you must make sure that you have enough depth for the built-in seating. And if there is two or three trees in the area, you can definitely locate the seating under the tress to avoid the direct sunlight. You can also add some weatherproof cushions on the seating.

Raised Roof

Raised Roof

The third idea you can consider out of the list of small backyard seating area ideas is the raised roof. No matter how small your backyard is, you can always raise the roof to create a nice green backyard. This allow you to build up your seating area that sits just under the roof.

The most beneficial function of this design is that the raised roof seating area ideas will give you not only the much-needed shade in the summer days but also a shelter from rain during the rainy days.

For more romantic atmosphere, adding a lantern from the roof is a good idea for the evenings so that you can invite the whole of your family to sit together or you can also invite your friends for a certain moment.

In most cases of wildlife, green roof is the best option to consider for raised roof design. This way, you can grow the sedum plants. To make this idea come true, firstly you need to provide a layer f material on which the sedums can grow well. However, before you come to this idea, make sure your roof is strong enough to take the weight. It must also be waterproof.

Section Off Your Seating

Your Seating

As one of the small backyard seating area ideas, the design of “section off your seating” is also very considerable. This design is very simple to create. You can just provide a stylish table and chairs for alfresco meals. This way, you can divide the place using the plants to fill up the garden with the green the area. Be relaxed there!


Now which small backyard seating area ideas you want to take to apply for your garden? Well, you must have been inspired by one of the ideas we have just shared here, right? That is how you can start.


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