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7 Insanely Tree House Idea and Concepts

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What is the best tree house idea that would be perfect for your kids and your yard? You want your kids to have activities outdoor and be active instead of being ‘locked’ inside the house and only play with the gadgets. One of the ways to encourage them is to build the tree house – which can be a playing platform for them.

Keep in mind that a tree house can be simple and complicated, and you can build them all. It may take longer times for the construction to complete but the result is worth your efforts and your time.

A-Frame Tree House

Tree House

It looks like a teepee, but a solid one. You don’t need to have any technical or mechanical skills to build one. The simple A-frame will make the construction easier. You just need to figure out the way to widen it in case you want it to accommodate more kids.

As you can see, the A-frame is built and constructed on an elevated platform. Make sure that you have planned how far it would be from the ground and how many stairs it will have. If you can’t install the roof siding, you can always use a waterproof tarp. The choice is yours! This is a very nice project that you can have with the kids.

Play and Exercise Tree House

Play and Exercise

Kids really love climbing and taking risks, so building your own exercise and play tree house would be ideal to challenge them. They can easily climb the wall or they can make use of the zipline to slide down the house.

Constructing your own play area for the tree house idea is just perfect because you can encourage them to stay active and make them stay away from the TV and the gadgets.

If you are afraid of falling, you can always manage the height to be limited. You can also make sure that the surrounding is made from soft grass so they can be safe.

When building the tree house, you can consider having a climbing wall, a climbing rope, an open area with the railing (for the kids’ playing area), and the enclosed clubhouse. You can also install a slide and also a zipline so your kids will remain active all through the day.

Boxy Tree House

Tree House

As the name suggests, the shape of the house is boxy. Basically, you need to build an enclosed boxy compartment on the elevated platform. The basic concept is to have the elevated platform so the boxy house can be built. The design is pretty simple and if you are worried about the height of the platform, don’t build it too high.

For view, you can consider having one side-of-a-wall with a wide and big window and have several smaller windows for better air circulation. For access, install the stairs on one side.

Tent Tree House

Tree House

This is the simplest design that is perfect for the tree house idea, especially if you are rather low on the budgets and yet you want your kids to remain active outdoor. The idea is to build an elevated platform (consider having a big and wide area) and then set up the tent for protection against the weather.

The remaining area (where you don’t have the tent) can be used for the kids to play. When it is too hot or when it is rainy, they can play inside the tent. It is a simple design and it won’t take too much cost for the construction.

Happy Tree House

Tree House

You can still have a tree house although you don’t have a tree. You only need to build an elevated platform and then have a tarp over it as a protection against the weather, the rain, and the sunray.

With canopy-like construction, you only need to have the tarp to be open or close. It is up to you to decide on the height of the platform – whether it is high or low or somewhere in between. This is one effective tree house idea that you can have when you have limited budgets.

Unique Tree House

Tree House

Have a solid and sturdy tree house? Why not building a tree house around it? The planning and the execution would be quite complicated and it may take a longer time to complete, but it is worth the effort if you see the beautiful result.

You can build an enclosed area around the tree for their safe playing platform and create an access (for entrance and going out) on the bottom side. You can also build stairs for the access.

Simple Tree House

Tree House

This is another simple tree house that you can build for the kids. However, this one is perfect if you live in the area with plenty of sunshine and rare rain or snow – yes, because of the open construction and platform. But everyone can make it because of its simplicity.

There you go, your candidates of the best ideas. Do you have your own tree house idea?


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