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17 Creative and Inovative Wall Decor Ideas On A Budget

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When it comes to the discussion of wall decoration for a house, there will be a lot of things that you should put into consideration. This is because the wall decoration will influence the entire design of your house. Thus, this is very important to apply the right colors for the walls.

You will also want to put the right decorative items on the walls so they look more beautiful. If you are looking for inspiration to design your house, here are the top 8 wall decor ideas you can apply for your living areas. Just take a look at the following list!

Cover the Walls in Corkboard


Instead of leaving your corner walls empty, you can make them more interesting. They can be perfect places for you to play with visuals. To decorate your corner walls, you can cover them in cork. Not only beautify your wall, but the corkboard can also still be used for functional purposes such as hang up photos.

In this way, you can take a double benefit from using the cork as your walls’ decorative items. Make sure that you coordinate the colors of the corkboard with the walls. In this way, the board can create a harmonious look in the entire design of the house.

Create a Statement Ceiling


Though you need to focus on the walls’ design and decoration, you should not forget the ceiling above them. You will be able to decorate your walls in more interesting ways by considering the ceiling as an additional surface that you can decorate.

It can help you to strengthen the design of your walls. Applying statement ceilings can be one of the best ways to help you make the walls look more stylish. Instead of focusing on the walls, you can make the ceilings as the focal point of your room. In this way, you do not need to spend much energy to think about the decorative items should be hung on the walls.

Tape the Walls Up

tape wall up

Who says that you need fancy and expensive decorative items to beautify your walls? Just take a look at this wall design. Instead of spending a lot of money to but decorative stuff, you can simply use tapes to make the walls look more attractive.

You can use the item to create a gallery wall look without the necessity to use any frame. You do not even need to make holes in your walls to install the tapes.

To create this DIY frame, you can use washi tape. This kind of tape will make it possible for you to make the mini gallery wall moveable and reusable. Plus, there will be no nails and hammers needed that can damage the walls.

Make It All Natural


Do you want to have an interior design that can always remind you of tropical forests? Why not placing natural items in your house? Yes, you can have a tropical look in your interior simply by placing a single tree branch on your wall.

This will help you create a touch of drama to your frameless walls and make them look more attractive. The rule is, pick up a tree branch that has a suitable size with the walls.

If they are small, make sure that you select a tree branch with a small size too. However, you can choose to pick up a tree branch with a big size if there are large spaces available on the walls.

Hang Potted Plants on the Walls


This is one of the best wall decor ideas that can be applied by nature-lovers. Instead of placing potted plants on your balcony, you can hang them on your walls. This can be a great alternative that can make your walls visually attractive.

Just pick up some potted plants (the number of the pots will depend on the space available) and then hang them up horizontally along the walls. Coordinate the colors of the pots with the color paints you use for the walls. Make sure that there is a window to guarantee that the plants will get adequate sunlight they need to grow well.

Hang Up Your Favorite Items


Do you need the inspiration to help you display your favorite items in more interesting ways? Why not use your walls? You will get the perfect space to display the items by using your empty walls. Hang up your favorite items such as guitar, umbrella, or hat collection on the walls.

Arrange them in such interesting ways to help you upgrade your wall designs. To help you hang the items, you can use storage hooks. Make sure to pick up a handful of wall hooks and self-adhesive ones to allow you to hang the items easily.

Use Wall Baskets


Not familiar with wall baskets? Well, they are items that your grandmother probably love to die. Wall baskets are kinds of hand-woven items that you can easily find at garage sales. Well, you can upcycle these unique baskets and turn them into charming wall decor.

The classic design of the baskets can also easily be combined with modern-day interior designs, even make them more attractive.

This can also be one of the best ways you can take to create a traditional but chic artwork to decorate your walls. Not only attractive, but you can also get the baskets at a relatively low price. So, if you only have a low budget for the wall decoration, these baskets can be a great alternative to take.

Show Off Your Favorite Books


Do you like reading and collecting books? Well, this might be the time for you to show off your book collection. Get your wall decor ideas by installing mountable ledges to display your favorite books.

As an alternative, you can also use shelves and hang them on the walls. In this way, you will be able to show off the books in a magazine-style. Not only make your walls look more beautiful but they can also become a great alternative for small spaces decoration.

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