17 Best Window Trim Ideas, Design and Remodel to Inspire You

17 Best Window Trim Ideas, Design and Remodel to Inspire You

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A home without windows is suffocating. Having windows is important as having door. It is very essential house element that is useful for providing good light, air circulation and temperature adjustment to your home. Having none in your home is a bad idea.

There will be not enough air circulation available at your home. Your house may have humid temperature for the worst case. The air in your room is getting worse each day. Therefore, you need at least one in order to feel comfortable at home. Windows are view point to look outside.

One favorite element at window is the trim. Both Interior and exterior designer uses window as their object of design.  The window trim can be useful to add decorative appeal while covering the gaps between the walls. Are you are having plans to design your window at home? This article has useful information for you.

The design of window trim varies from simplest one to the most elaborate millwork for exterior design. These are some amazing modern windows trim ideas to help you make a great interior.

Thin trim windows with jambs extension

jamb detail

Some people want to have a window with jamb extension. For you who do not know what jamb extension is, it is an interior piece of window trim design that gives volume or space in your windows. It extends following the full depth of the wall.

You can also call it as window frame extension.  It has more complexity to install than normal window as you need other materials. The look of this design is simple. You can choose numerous materials for this trim window design. It usually uses woods. As for the color, the jambs can have different color with the window frame.

The recommendation of color is mostly dark color like brown and black. However, bright color like white also can work with this type of trim. For better result, you should customize it with other properties in your room for perfect color combination. This thin trim window with jambs extension also gives you a contemporary look.

Reveal window trim


In interior design, most of window and door are installed at home with a reveal edge. Using a thin reveal around your window would give you another option for your beautiful window. You can have a little shadow surrounding your window. It can give a glance of modern look in your room.

This reveal window trim is nice and free from fussiness of trim. You can get the common materials to make this design. Metal and vinyl are most used item for this reveal window design. When you decide using this reveal window trim, it helps you to provide delineation of your window frame. It differs the frame from your wall.

There is also variety of width available to suit your preference in this window trim idea. It is commonly around ¼ inches. Additional width is allowed if you need it wider. The reveal usually has adequate square shape but sometimes, it can adapt with your inspiration too. You can create them on your own.

Do you unable to make it yourself? Then, you can get a design of this reveal window from two huge manufacturer companies namely Fry-Reglet and Tim-tex. You have a lot of variation to choose.

Simple shaker style window trim

Simple trim

Simple window trim works best for home with beautiful wood ceiling. The trim can match the wooden color combination perfectly. It is aiming to expose the beam work and your shaped house.  A combination between planked wall and timber work will add perfection of your simple shaker style window trim.

This design is mostly suitable for both wide room and small room. It can adjust to your situation. In order to make this simple shaker style trim, basically you just need spruce boards, MDF boards, plywood or exterior trim to make this simple window trim.

You can make it by following some tutorials available in internet or based on your design. The final look of this design provides a simple yet nicely elegant look.

Typical flat stock window trim

style flat

This one is no-hassle window trim. People commonly apply this design because of its simplicity and easiness to make. It is the most traditional trim design. You do not need much money to install them at your home. The cost is relatively affordable for everyone.

It is very suitable to set this window with a similar flat stock door. You can get a modern look with this window trim in the end. The look is clean, nice and detail. For the materials, you can choose whether to use board or wood for your own typical flat stock window trim at home.

Farmhouse window trim

farmhouse window trim

The farmhouse window trim gives additional inspiration for those who want an easy and inexpensive upgrade for their window at home. It is best for you to make a bit wider space feeling in your small window at your home.

If you are planning to have huge transformation at home, the farmhouse window trim will help your small window problem. This design is detail oriented and gives so impactful to your room interior design. You can use ordinary wood like pine wood to make this trim.

Additionally, this farmhouse window trim is recommended for wood walls. To make this windows trim more eye-catching, you can paint it with matte paint rather than glossy paint for the final touch.

It will help you easier to clean up in the future. Some basic color like dove white color adds simplicity to your design as well. if you prefer to unpainted it, just leave it with original wood color.

Other Window Trim Ideas

So, which one is your favorite? Prior choosing the best window trim ideas you should consider the molds in your home. It will help you to ensure cohesive look. The most important this is that you have to put careful consideration on the detail. Your window trim has the similar coordination with all detailing properties in your room.

This way will make your room in constant interior look. The window trim offers some advantages for design. It is simple, straightforward and elegant to have simple interior home with some windows trim ideas.


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