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7 DIY Yard and Patio Furniture for Your Own Garden

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If you ever consider doing DIY yard and patio furniture, there are actually some ideas and concepts that you can implement for your own personal outdoor space. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for the outdoor furniture and yet you can make a personalized version of the furniture so that your outdoor property can be unique and different from the other neighbors.

As long as you are willing to spend times and efforts, it is also possible to create your own piece. It does take some times and patience, but if you are patient, you should be able to do so.

Personalized Daybed

Personalized Daybed

Daybeds aren’t exclusive for the indoor use only because they are pretty flexible. You can use them indoor or outdoor. You can transform the regular daybed for your morning coffee rituals.

You only need 4 pallets to construct the daybed. Another cool thing is that you can place it for the patio or the porch. You can browse the internet for the information about making the daybed and yours would be ready within days only. You can also combine the daybed with other decorative elements, such as throw covers, cushions, and others.

Cinder Block Bench

Block Bench

When you want to construct this piece of furniture, you need some cinder blocks, some wooden planks, and some plush and thick cushions for the seating pads. The cinder blocks can provide a solid construction. Be sure to have the blocks on both the sides and also on the middle of the bench so the overall structure will be sturdy.

Don’t forget to prepare the wooden planks and polish them so they can deliver a smooth seating pad. And then add the thick cushions so it will have a comfortable seating area. This is one of the most popular and also stylish DIY yard and patio furniture work that you can implement for your own house.

Copper Cabana

Copper cabana

If you are going to resorts, you most likely find a shaded cabana. What if you can make your own without spending a fortune? You can basically construct your personal cabana with durable (but attractive curtain fabric) and copper pipes.

You can also make use the already available outdoor door to make the cabana and your outdoor garden would be as beautiful as the ones you see on the home (and garden) improvement magazines.

Planter Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Have you realized that a planter can actually be transformed into a unique and stylish coffee table? It is unique because you include a garden in your outdoor patio design and you can make your coffee table one-of-a-kind. There is no need to include complicated or complex plants for the design.

You can choose a simple herb garden (such as a lemonade or a mint) that will make the table refreshing and unique. You can paint the planter in bright colors (white is also possible) and then install the legs. Make sure that the legs are sturdy and they are able to accommodate the planter’s weight.

Brick Barbecue

Brick Barbecue

If you are into making barbecue, then you should have your own deck or kitchen or space. Making your own barbecue spot from the bricks can help you save a lot of money. This is one handy work for your DIY yard and patio furniture project where you can personalize your own barbecue spot.

You need to prepare the grille and the bricks. Basically, once you understand how to manage and set up the platform, you can create any design that you want. It takes extra time and efforts, but the result can be amazing. Plus, you don’t need to spend a fortune for making one.

Repurposed Tires

Repurposed Tires

If you have old and unused tires in various sizes, it would be great idea to combine them with wooden planks. You can use the wood to fill in the middle area of the tires. If you have bigger tires, you can use them for the outdoor tables.

If you have smaller tires, you can use them for the seats. Another cool thing is the flexibility of the tires. You can mix the table-tire with other outdoor pieces of furniture or you can have the all matching tires for the table and the seats.

Cinder Block Fire Pit

Block Fire Pit

In some houses, a yard won’t be complete without the fire pit. If you have a lot of cinder blocks, you can arrange them into a fire pit. This is simple and inexpensive, and you can make use of the remaining cinder blocks to make the functional pit.

Another great thing about the cinder block is the freedom in you when making the designs. You can create the simple rectangular shape or others.

There are still plenty other ideas for the DIY projects for the outdoor. You only need to decide which DIY yard and patio furniture you like the most.


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